Northern Green Gathering

News on NGG 2015! Its happening, we are just finalising dates and its going to be in the same place as last year! A huge amount of work has gone into building good relations with the local area and local green organizations, farms and traders. The site has all the facilities that we need and very helpful and friendly hosts, and it is an organic farm- another requirement.. Building on the foundations that we made in 2014 its looking good already!

Thursday early eve outside the Dub tent.
Thursday early eve outside Reaction Systems Dub tent next door to the Beatroot Cafe.

NGG 2015 will be held over 4 days in on a beautiful Organic farm in the Derbyshire Dales. We are a family friendly gathering devoted to ecological themes and sustainable living. There will be music over 3 Solar and Bike powered stages, a large program of workshops, speakers, Kid’s stuff, healing, good food, ale and hope.

REsource Living

Northern Green Gathering has a unique appeal and character and is very different from the average festival. We involve everyone in being an active participant. Not a passive spectator who comes along to consume what is on offer. We will be structuring all kinds of workshops and activities so that people of all ages and interests have the chance to enjoy, learn and contribute. Northern Green believes in working together to make a positive change in our own lives and those of future generations.

Also Renewably Powered by:
Reaction bike powered sound system
Reaction Systems bike powered sound system


Green Dragon ProductionsGreen Dragon Solar Generator

All this and much, much more. Join us and be part of a positive change for ourselves and the world.

The North's oldest Green Festival.