Northern Green Gathering

11th – 14th August 2016

A four day camping event on an Organic Farm in Derbyshire Dales. Come and be part of the fun and a positive force of change at NGG 2016.

Our shared vision is to encourage Sustainable living. This is achieved by providing fun and affordable green entertainments, participatory Workshops, and services powered by Sustainable Energy.

Northern Green is about hope and belief in working together to make a positive change in our own lives and the lives of future generations

Following a wonderful  2015 event, NGG is now established at our lovely new site and we are ready to build on these foundation to bring the same and more for NGG 2016

Practical Engagement and Active Participation remain the theme for our Family friendly, Eco-Awareness get together, and this year we will bring more organized Workshops, the same spontaneous fun, and bigger areas for Kids and Young people than last year.

As we all know – Serious problems threaten our Earth and our Ways of Life.  The Campaigns, and Crafts areas will offer positive, practical solutions to inform and empower you with ideas and new skills to take home, helping to create change. 


Three stages; the Main, Bike powered and Acoustic will entertain with a broad range of Musical talent.

The Sauna, Organic Cafes, Bar (with local Ales and Ciders) and Healing Area will nourish your body and spirit throughout the weekend.

The Dressing Up space and Free shop along with the Drumming, Singing and Lishi Tai Chi workshop will help get people ready for show time culminating in the Big Sunday evening Parade. 

Come and be part of the fun and positive force of change at Northern Green Gathering 2016

Camp ball 2015

We keep our events small enough to keep a friendly atmosphere and to allow organisers and helpers to cope as unpaid volunteers. We started in 1997 with a small green gathering. At the time there were very few festivals in the North, everyone went South. Since our first gathering 17 years ago, the festival scene in the North of England has grown enormously and Northern Green Gathering has played an important role in stimulating this development.

Northern Green Gathering has a unique appeal and character and is very different from the average festival. We involve everyone in being an active participant. People of all ages and interests have the chance to enjoy, learn and contribute. Northern Green believes in working together to make a positive change in our own lives and those of future generations

What to bring with you

Ashbourne, Derbyshire, 11-14th August 2016