A Dream of a Low Carbon Future

James Mckay from the University of Leeds will be giving a talk on his project A Dream of a Low Carbon Future in the Campaigns tent on Friday afternoon.

If you’ve ever wondered what the future will look like, if you are concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet – and don’t know how we can make positive changes – then this is a project for you.

We asked hundreds of school children, artists, writers, various members of the public, PhD students and academics to contribute pictures and stories of their visions of the future, and produced a graphic novel based on their ideas.

A Dream of a Low Carbon Future’ imagines the UK in the year 2150 – as a sustainable, low-carbon, prosperous society. It’s not a fantasy utopia – there are still conflicts and political problems: it represents a wildly optimistic but plausible vision of where we might end up if we can solve the problems resulting from climate change impacts. Importantly, the vision doesn’t shy away from imagining the kind of climate change impacts that scientists have predicted for the next hundred years or so.