NGG Compost Toilets Are Being Upgraded!


NGG has recently been donated a disused lorry trailer to be upcycled and used as our new compost toilet block.

With renovations starting in April, this old supermarket lorry will be fitted with ten spacious toilet cubicles.

These new loos will be protected from the elements, which will allow us to use them year after year to turn our waste into useful compost.



Our new dedicated “Loo Crew” will ensure the new toilets are clean, comfortable and hygienic. Ample sawdust will be provided in each cubicle for a “dry flush” which neutralises the waste and prevents odour. 


Composting toilets decompose waste by creating the aerobic conditions for bacteria, fungi, worms and other macro and micro-organisms to thrive. The objective is to destroy harmful pathogens, reduce the risk to human health and environment, and transform the waste nutrients into fertile soil. The waste will typically be broken down to around 10% of the original volume.


Follow the progress of the build crew on our Facebook and Twitter pages.