Sento Spa Returning to NGG in 2018

Sento Spa is an environmentally friendly travelling sauna and shower unit, which has been operating for 4 years at festivals such as Green Gathering, Shambala, Boomtown and Sunrise. We provide a wonderful service for festivalgoers and crew to get clean and warm. We do not charge an entry fee but just ask for donations.


The sauna was built by Simon Smith in a vintage race horse trailer. This was stripped back to a metal framework, then a wooden frame was bolted over it. Finally, it was lined with reclaimed cedar wood from someone’s unwanted sauna found on Ebay.


The burner was once a gas bottle. The plunge pool is an upcycled water storage unit. Even the sheet metal was second hand!


Environmental concerns have always been at the core of what we do. The sauna itself, the bedouin tent, crew space and other components are made from recycled materials. Both the sauna and showers are sustainably fuelled by a single woodburner, thus supporting the crucial UK woodfuel industry. All power is provided by solar panels.


We also have an educational mission to promote recycling and the low tech heatingsystem that we use. Crew are trained to be able to explain the technology and the design demonstrates the underlying principles of gravity-fed heating systems as simply as possible. We carry an info board that explains how it was all made.



Our shower unit stands on a base so that waste water can be piped away into ditches or soakaways with very little run-off, thus preventing muddy patches. Showers, sauna and plunge pool are connected by non-slip carpeting.