Former Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett Speaking at NGG 2018!

Natalie Bennett was the leader of the Green Party from 2012-2016. Living in Sheffield, she is continuing with full-time Green politics – including with the European Greens – and she’s continuing the struggle to stop Brexit. A graduate in agricultural science, she has a particular interest in security of food, income, and housing. And she’s a champion of the universal basic income, which can ensure no one needs to fear not being able to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head. Natalie will be giving two talks in the Campaigns area over the course of the weekend.

 Food and Farming:

When it comes to food, Britain lives in a monoculture. More than half our calories come from just four crops, grown from seed mostly supplied by a couple of giant multinational companies that also supply chemicals and fertiliser in quantities that are trashing our wildlife, waters and soils. Farmers are forced into this system by the handful of giant supermarkets supplying “cheap food” that costs us a great deal while they collect handy profits.

This has to change – and that’s good news because the kind of changes needed can not only create an ecological transformation of our countryside, but create huge numbers of small business and employment opportunities.


Universal Basic Income:

With zero-hours contracts, insecure employment and crippling benefit sanctions, many people are today finding themselves penniless, and dependent on food banks and friends for basic survival. “Bullshit jobs” occupy many of us, and automation threatens a job-poor future. 

All of these issues have helped push the idea of a universal basic income to the forefront of public debate. Natalie argues that this is a policy that can achieve not only security, but much, much more: the opportunity for people to use their lives well – develop their skills and abilities as artists, as small business people, as carers and community workers.


Sento Spa Returning to NGG in 2018

Sento Spa is an environmentally friendly travelling sauna and shower unit, which has been operating for 4 years at festivals such as Green Gathering, Shambala, Boomtown and Sunrise. We provide a wonderful service for festivalgoers and crew to get clean and warm. We do not charge an entry fee but just ask for donations.


The sauna was built by Simon Smith in a vintage race horse trailer. This was stripped back to a metal framework, then a wooden frame was bolted over it. Finally, it was lined with reclaimed cedar wood from someone’s unwanted sauna found on Ebay.


The burner was once a gas bottle. The plunge pool is an upcycled water storage unit. Even the sheet metal was second hand!


Environmental concerns have always been at the core of what we do. The sauna itself, the bedouin tent, crew space and other components are made from recycled materials. Both the sauna and showers are sustainably fuelled by a single woodburner, thus supporting the crucial UK woodfuel industry. All power is provided by solar panels.


We also have an educational mission to promote recycling and the low tech heatingsystem that we use. Crew are trained to be able to explain the technology and the design demonstrates the underlying principles of gravity-fed heating systems as simply as possible. We carry an info board that explains how it was all made.



Our shower unit stands on a base so that waste water can be piped away into ditches or soakaways with very little run-off, thus preventing muddy patches. Showers, sauna and plunge pool are connected by non-slip carpeting.

Food and Drink Vendors Confirmed for NGG 2018

An exciting array of tasty food and drink will be on offer at Northern Green 2018.

Just feast your eyes on the vendors below:


Creative Intentions Cafe

These NGG veterans have been providing healthy wraps, soup and salads to Gatherers for many a year. Indulge yourselves in their scrumptious selection of homemade organic and lush vegan cakes. They serve fairly traded hot and cold drinks including fresh coffee and delicious chai, all in real mugs. None of which cost the earth!

“Crewed by a diverse bunch of kindly folk who bring talents way beyond serving your favourite brew.”


Bean Pedaling

Bean Pedaling will be serving fresh coffees and teas from their steampunk style mobile coffee cart. With dairy milk and dairy alternatives. 

Hot and cold beverages.
Organic, Fairtrade, Fresh ground Coffee.
Fairtrade Tea
Hot Chocolate.
Dairy and non-dairy options
Flapjacks, muffins, cookies and biscuits


Sunshine Pizza Oven

We are delighted to welcome back Dan and Sarah of Sunshine Pizza Oven, based in Bamford in the Hope Valley in the heart of the Peak District. They bake artisan pizza in their mobile, wood-fired pizza oven in and around Sheffield and the Peak District.

They make everything by hand using fresh, high quality ingredients – organic and locally sourced where possible.





Marek from Dal-icious learned how to make his exciting dal and curry dishes while serving street kids in India, and now he is using the profits from his street-food stall to support the charity El Shaddai ( His delicious vegetarian and vegan dals are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.




Veggies is volunteer-led, community-based social enterprise based in Nottingham. They provide vegan catering and have supported campaigns for humans, other animals and the environment since 1984. Check them out at, and find them in the Campaigns area.



Smith Hall Organics

From just down the road in Hulland Ward, our lovely neighbours produce organic beef and pork that is “raised the right way” and with “priority given to animal welfare”. This year they will be serving hot food, salads and cheeses as well as their delicious pies.


NGG Compost Toilets Are Being Upgraded!


NGG has recently been donated a disused lorry trailer to be upcycled and used as our new compost toilet block.

With renovations starting in April, this old supermarket lorry will be fitted with ten spacious toilet cubicles.

These new loos will be protected from the elements, which will allow us to use them year after year to turn our waste into useful compost.



Our new dedicated “Loo Crew” will ensure the new toilets are clean, comfortable and hygienic. Ample sawdust will be provided in each cubicle for a “dry flush” which neutralises the waste and prevents odour. 


Composting toilets decompose waste by creating the aerobic conditions for bacteria, fungi, worms and other macro and micro-organisms to thrive. The objective is to destroy harmful pathogens, reduce the risk to human health and environment, and transform the waste nutrients into fertile soil. The waste will typically be broken down to around 10% of the original volume.


Follow the progress of the build crew on our Facebook and Twitter pages.