Campaigns Area

The Northern Green Campaigns Area is growing this year. As well as the usual campaign stalls informing us on political and social issues, the area will have its very own Soapbox Stage with speakers, musicians and poets. Here are a some of this year’s highlights, full programme to be announced soon.


Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett was the leader of the Green Party from 2012-2016. Living in Sheffield, she is continuing with full-time Green politics – including with the European Greens – and she’s continuing the struggle to stop Brexit. A graduate in agricultural science, she has a particular interest in security of food, income, and housing. And she’s a champion of the universal basic income, which can ensure no one needs to fear not being able to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head. Natalie will be giving two talks in the Campaigns area over the course of the weekend on Food and Farming and Universal Basic Income.


Dave Morris

Dave is a community activist who, due to his wide ranging support to grass roots movements, and particularly his role as one of the ‘McLibel’ case defendants, was targeted by #SpyCops. – Activists have now uncovered, exposed and condemned the scandalous secret political policing units that targeted over 1,000 activist groups over the last 50 years. This has lead to a major, currently ongoing Public Inquiry which Lush helped highlight earlier this summer. Dave will be speaking on Saturday in the campaigns area. Find out more and celebrate 50 years of inspirational movements for social change!


Alan Story

Announcing Alan Story talking on Thursday 16th August in the campaigns area – Lessons from the Sheffield trees campaign – Alan Story is a political activist and socialist who lives in Sheffield. A Canadian who has resided in the UK since 1995, he is a co-founder of NO STUMP CITY, and has been active in the Sheffield trees campaign since January 2016. His talk will include a short history of the campaign and a sketch of the various forces and main issues at play, before going on to draw some lessons, both positive and negative, from the struggle. Currently “on pause,” over 20,000 trees are scheduled be be felled. If you want to get involved contact

In addition, Alan is chair of WellRedFilms – a film making collective tackling the issues that matter : see their work here


Ian Winter

Performing Saturday night in the campaigns area – “Ian throws words at you like a mad-man throwing eggs at Cathedrals”.  Winner of the Huddersfield Literature Festival Slam and York’s Say owt Loud Champion of Champion Slams. Twice in the Hammer and Tongues National Finals. Poet, screenwriter, actor, playwright & director, his list of credentials is as long as our arm in fact so we’re sure you’re gonna love him live at the Northern Green Gathering festival


Jimmy Andrex

Jimmy Andrex is performing Saturday night in the campaigns area. 2x Black Horse Poet of the Year, Edinburgh Fringe performer & compere of Holmfirth’s legendary Hot Banana Open Mic night. Jimmy is a published poet and musician described by Steve Pottinger as “angry, clever and articulate” – though his wife thinks he should just tidy up that pile of books next to the bed! Come and enjoy his live performance at the Northern Green Gathering


The Bard Company

Performing on Friday night in the campaigns area: Gordon Zola, Ian Whiteley, Jeffarama! and Tony Kinsella were once the Angry Young Men of their generation. Now they are Vaguely Miffed Middle-Aged Whingers of a new age – raging Poetically against global capitalism, unjust conflict and the rising price of cardigans and nice slippers! Bringing you a phalanx of verses, songs and one-liners, Bard Company are: Rocky Bard, Punky Bard, Bolshie Bard and Cheezy Bard. They are a right bunch of Bards!



Dancestars performing at the Special Olympics opening ceremony in 2017

Dancestars are a parent-led dance group who provide an opportunity for disabled children and young people to have fun, make friends and stay healthy and active. We are open to all abilities and age-ranges. The class enables the group to make friends out of school and join in activities that most young people take for granted. Our dance teacher is specially trained to work with disabled students. Dancestars have had the opportunity to perform in shows which build confidence and self-esteem – including performing at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics in Sheffield, August 2017.

Established in 2013 by Activity Sheffield, the group was taken over by parents in 2016 when Sheffield City Council could no longer fund us. We are grateful to South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation for their support this year.


Crowdfunding Night

Campaigners! Activists! Could your project benefit from £100+? – Then help us to help you… In an NGG experimental first Saturday night is CROWDFUNDING NIGHT on the campaigns field. You are invited to participate by writing a 5 minute pitch explaining your project to deliver to a live audience on Saturday night – literally begging them to choose you to win the pot. Approx 6-10 groups or individuals will have the chance to pitch, and the winner takes all. The audience will pay a minimum donation of £5 for soup and a roll, and a ballot sheet to vote for their favourite cause. Winner takes everything less costs of producing soup. (We estimate £100+ but cannot promise of course) We have entertainment from some of the North’s finest spoken word poets to keep everyone entertained while we count the votes, so now all we need is YOU! Make a play for some cash for your good cause and write your pitch – If you are interested, we need pitches written IN ADVANCE and sent to us by 05.08.2018 so they can be printed with the ballot sheets, for any late-comers. Be aware, you will be penalised for taking longer than 5 minutes on stage, keeping times strict is our only way of making the pitches equal. Our event is based upon the successful Sheffield SOUP events, so feel free to take a look at their work for inspiration. For additional comedy and entertainment BRIBING THE AUDIENCE is allowed, so do have some fun with that. Please comment below if you are intending to participate (so we can tell if our experiment is working!) and send your pitches to by 05.08.2018.