Earth Energies Craft Area

The Earth Energies Craft Area is the ideal place to learn and get creative, with plenty of artistic and practical activities to get stuck into. From crochet mandalas to stool making, willow weaving and even spear throwing, this year’s Craft Area brings together an exciting mix of crafty skills!


Vamos Artsaugust 2014 187

Artists will enjoy this inspiring and well equipped studio space, where they can paint, draw and create an amazing masterpiece for our famous Sunday art auction.

Open 11am-5pm on Friday and Saturday, with the art auction at 2 pm on Sunday.

The Vamos Arts Travelling Studio brings a unique, hands-on experience to those of all abilities, from established artists to those in total fear of picking up a paint brush!

When not on the road with Vamos Arts, Florence Watson is based on a hill farm in the North Yorkshire Moors. The travelling studio was founded back in 2009. Frustrated with the hierarchy and long waiting lists involved in showing work in established galleries, Florence set out to use the walls of the truck she was living in to hang her work on….the travelling studio and art auction house grew out of this idea.



Hobgoblin Crafts

Sarah Hobgoblin has traveled the country with her little festival stall for 8 years, constantly being inspired by life. Her gran taught her most of her craft skills when she was little and now she’s putting those skills to good use! All her work is made as one of a kind as each idea evolves into something new for the next time.

She will be providing a free Crochet Mandala Workshop, with easy mandalas for beginners or larger ones for the more experienced, and will be offering her facepainting skills for a small fee.


Blinxx Fun Fairies

The Blinxx Fairies are returning to Northern Green in 2017, bringing their wonderful Fairy Labyrinth and magical sparkly craft workshops using plenty of glitter and recycled materials.


Small Axe Creative Woodcraft

Small Axe Woodcraft


Small Axe are back again this year offering Willow Wand Carving, Stool Making and Seasoned Wood Carving workshops. Grab a pew and get whittling!


Quirky Forager

Miranda Cowan is a practicing ecologist and tutors in environmental education. She trades as the ‘Quirky Forager’ from her canal boat, leads wildlife walks, foraging for wild plants and engages in traditional countryside crafts.

Bryony Rowntree will be running her Felt Fantastic workshops, making fabric baskets, baby wearing ponchos and small felted gnomes.

Emma Carr will be running Willow Sculpture workshops, making willow sculptures of animals and insects.



Willow Be-hooked

Willow Be-Hooked help you make your own willow creation – something for your home or garden or a present for a friend.

Make anything from a Lantern or obelisk to a dream catcher or bird-feeder. The workshops are suitable for all ages and they provide all the guidance, tools and materials that you need to make something you are proud of.



Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern Parade will be lighting up NGG in the evenings as usual with their fabulous sparkly procession for all ages. With plenty of fairy lights, fairy wings and silly costumes, why not get involved with the parade!


Primitive Projectiles

Ray Noakes is an Artist, Maker and member of Norfolk and Norwich Medieval Association. His project Primitive Projectiles brings an interactive, educational, fun and, most importantly, safe workshop focusing on bronze and stone ages, specifically various hunting methods using projectiles. It will entail a have-a-go experience of throwing a spear at a variety of targets, accompanied by a demonstration and a talk about hunting methods and way of life in that particular era. Participants will not only be left with the knowledge and understanding of our earliest ancestors but also a feeling of accomplishment after learning spear-throwing properly.


East Midlands Coppice: Woodscape

Andy Alder and Woodscape will be giving small workshops on his Permaculture life style at Home Farm. They will discuss how their small business works, the networks they are involved in and how they make it work. Ideal for helping people starting out and providing others with advice and ideas.

They will also be showing off their tine cutter and demonstrating its many uses for different projects.

One workshop per day, 30 minutes long Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12 noon




Natures Crafting

Claire and Victoria will running workshops making charms and craft souvenirs from natural products such as seeds, shells, wooden beads, wool and wood. They will also be building a “wishing tree”, a collaborative project that everyone at NGG to contribute to.