About NGG

Nature is the key to the Gathering and our shared vision is to encourage and help empower Sustainable Living.

NGG is  Family Friendly celebration of life where Power is sourced from Wind, Solar and Human (on Bikes) power.

We are looking  forward to gathering again this year for more NGG magic, re-creating the friendly atmosphere that we always have, where everyone can make friends.

Practical Engagement and Active Participation are the themes for our event and for the Workshops.

Bring your tent or camper van and stay on the lush meadows of this organic farm in the beautiful Derbyshire Dale, at a cost little more than the average campsite.

Come and be part of the fun and a positive force of change at NGG 2017.

We are a group of volunteers who organise a green gathering in the north of England. We bring people together to educate and celebrate. We debate a wide range of environmental issues.

Our Gathering is always run on Greenfield sites. It is powered only by renewable energy. We have a children’s area and parades, workshops for crafts, sustainable living, music, campaigns, a healing area, sauna and a communal bonfire. There is a policy of only organic food from our cafes. We always have lots of artwork around the site and gardens. Traditionally on a Saturday night we have a camp ball where people can let go and plunder the dressing up box.

Our history

ngg at eden festivalWe started in 1997 with a small green gathering. At the time there were very few festivals in the North, everyone went South. We wanted to help build up a Northern network of festival providers. We have always had an open door policy so as many people as possible could feel empowered to take part.
We keep our events small enough to keep a friendly atmosphere and to allow organisers and helpers to cope as unpaid volunteers. This helps to keep the ticket prices and stall fees low. We try and be as inclusive as possible.

Northern Green Gathering Merry go round

Until 2002 we ran events annually and built up to a limit of about 2500 people. We always covered our costs without any grant aid and provided a successful place to meet, learn and enjoy. Since then we have taken a few breaks and allowed things to scale down in size. During that time we contributed a ‘Green Festival’ space to other events. Most recently We ran green events in 2008 at Lime Tree Farm in North Yorkshire and 2011 and 2012 at Fell Edge Farm, an organic farm near Skipton.

During the 20 years since we started, the festival scene in the North of England has grown enormously. Northern Green Gathering has played an important role in stimulating this development. We now find it impossible to set a date that does not clash with other events.


Green Festivals

Green Festivals we can recommend are:


Chepstow green festivalThe Green Gathering, Piercefield Park, Chepstow. Green energy, gardens, music, kids, crafts, speakers, campaigns. Renewably powered by wind, sun and people. Born from the ashes of the old Big Green Gathering, it is the largest green festival in the UK.

pv sun logo txtPositive Vibrations Festival, Prestwold Hall, Loughborough is a 100% solar powered event with a focus on energy and technology. Learn practical skills and share ways to live a more sustainable life. Full programme of workshops during the day, with entertainment on our efficient solar stage. Real ale, Beatroot Cafe and kids’ activities.