Northern Green Gathering

Northern Green Gathering seeks to inspire and educate, and so we have worked hard to ensure most workshops are included in the price of your ticket, however healing practitioners may ask for a small donation to cover their costs and time. Bring yoga mats if you can.

This years Northern Green Gathering plays host to a bigger and better healing area than ever before, putting education, inspiration, and health at the heart of your weekend with. From morning yoga sessions to evening meditation workshops, sharing circles to poetry that lifts the body and soul, the healing area will be full of experiences for those wanting to learn, relax and replenish.


This year sees the very welcome return of Glennie Kindred to NGG with her wisdom, charm and wonderful Healing Garden. Glennie along with four other Elementals will be offering workshops, chanting sessions, sharing circles and sacred craft. Glennie’s space will be magical!

Annie Softpot will be bringing her beautifully unique garden with her and she’ll show you how to make your own! Click here to find out more about softpots.


These are the healers who came in 2016. This year’s healing workshops will be announced as they are confirmed.

  • Summer Meadow Phillips- Flow Yoga & Meditation & Energy Poetry – Flow Yoga mixed with energy work and mindful meditation. Energy Poetry is group creation of words with added movements or meditations.
  • Sonia Perry – Morning Yoga classes – Start the day as you mean to go on: full of energy, happily relaxed, thinking clearly and enlivened by a contented sense of purpose. Rise and shine. Afternoon workshops in Restorative Yoga – Deeply relaxing and healing. Release deeply held tensions and revitalize body and mind. Anchor in that balanced state of homeostasis and embody peace. Healing Yoga – Understand and experience how Yoga can help with specific physical, mental and emotional challenges. From allergies like hay fever to insomnia, be empowered to help yourself balance and thrive.
  • Sally Turner – Slow Yoga – Heart Circle Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation, Chair Yoga.
  • Arabella Starchild – The Felty Totems Temple: a universalist sacred space where all that is divine is invited, open for prayer and contemplation at any time during the festival. Arabella is a Shaman and Pagan Priestess who offers Shamanic healing work focussing on enlightenment, empowerment and raising your vibration by donation: white sage and other cleansing ceremonies, blessings, guided meditation and power retrieval and soul retrieval. The centre of the work is come to find your power animal, where Arabella will guide you on your first shamanic journey of meditation to meet your own spirit guide. You can then choose to reinforce your connection with your animal by making a dry felt wool animal to go home with. The dry felting can be used for any prayerful purpose you like so come and meditate with your wool! Soul retrieval is offered to anyone who needs to recover from traumas (or just from life!) on a case by case basis- this is a life changing technique that helps us gather our lost energies and lost power and returns us to a state of strength and empowerment to face our lives. All you have to do is lay down next to Arabella while she hypnotises herself and journeys into the spirit world to find your lost energies, and blows them back into your heart and head!
  • Llyn Sidnell – Chakra chanting: A chance to let go of your voice and reconnect with your body , no singing ability needed nervous warblers welcome this is a no pressure workshop.
  • Michael Crudge – One on One Hypnotherapy sessions 1hr, One on One Healing Sessions ½ hour, Card readings 20mins & 40 Mins.
  • Travelling Homeopaths – Acute Homeopathic Clinic. Ready to treat: hayfever, headaches, sunburn, stress and anxiety, coughs and colds, voice loss, hangovers, stomach upsets and just about anything!
  • Despina Psarra- Massage Workshops – Introduction to Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, massaging the back, shoulders and neck. We will learn a short sequence to massage the back, shoulders and neck. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a deep tissue oil massage, followed by assisted yoga stretches.
  • Naomy Browton- Sound Healing and Voicebaths – Introduction to using sound for healing. 1 ½ hours. Sound plus intention = healing. Using rattles for clearing energy and the aura, intro to overtone chanting, toning for chakras and group toning. Relaxing voicebath 1 ¼ hours. lie down while I use my voice to create long tones and overtones to help induce a deep relaxed state and where you may even receive information or insight, then gently bring you back with percussion instruments. Drum Journey 1 hour. The drum has long been used to help induce a deep state where information and insight can occur.
  • Emma Kennedy- Sound Bath: group workshop featuring Tibetan singing bowls, bells, Voice, Native American Flute, Shamanic Drum to induce a state of deep relaxation. The sound vibrations alter the brain waves taking people into blissful state of meditation where they can unwind and restore body mind and soul.
  • Sylvia Jay – Hanna Somatic Movement: The gentle, slow and safe movements, carried out lying on a mat, are wonderful for resolving muscle knots, postural problems and the discomfort, pain and other health issues that result from chronic muscle tightness. The practice increases flexibility without strain, so it’s also a perfect companion to yoga and other health and fitness methods. You will be guided towards a new awareness of your body’s inner sensations, and through the pleasurable movements you will discover how to retrain your brain’s control of your muscles. Each day’s workshop will give an introduction to the practice, however, I will include different movements each day so if you like it come back for more! Please bring a yoga mat or blanket to lie on, and wear warm (loose) to avoid getting chilled.

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