Solar Main Stage

Powered entirely by the Resource Living solar fire engine, the Solar Main Stage is home to an eclectic mix of acts, as well as the NGG bar. So grab a pint and click the links to have a listen, then close your eyes and imagine you’re at Northern Green 2018!

Sons Of Clogger

Feathers McGraw

Mobius Loop

Han-FX &Jor-DMC

Stig Of The Dub

Good Earth Collective

Dirty Flowers

Maya Kally

Rum Doodle

Bo Weavil

Last Word Dogs

Beija Flo

The Alice Syndrome

Jesus & The Aubergines

Hoo-haa Conspiracy

Sarah Hinds



Fishing for Compliments

Lisa Marie Glover

Luna Calling

The Ferretts

Emma Flowers


Steve Greekshire

Abigail Chetham