Northern Green Gathering 2017 will be held on a beautiful organic farm near Ashbourne in the Derbyshire Dales.

The address of the site is Bradley Nook Farm, Hulland Ward, Ashbourne DE6 3EL, 8 miles from Belper train station. The 113 Belper-Ashbourne bus goes right past the site on the A517, as does the 114 bus from Derby.

Car Parking and Lift Share

One of the biggest environmental impacts of Festivals and Gatherings is the petrol people burn when they travel to and from the event. As a Green Gathering we try to minimise the number of vehicles attending the event. We charge for car parking and offset this money against the ticket prices. It pays to fill the vehicle, lift share and share travel costs.

Quite a few people ask about lift share arrangements – if you are willing to offer a lift to someone to or from the event please sign up on our lift share space at Freewheelers. Go on, be really green and leave the car at home this year!

Public Transport

The 113 bus service runs right past the site from Monday to Saturday with rail and coach links in Belper, and the 114 bus runs from Derby.

Unfortunately there is no Sunday bus service on this route. For those who need to leave on the Sunday, we will be arranging with a local taxi firm to have taxis waiting on site to give people a lift to Ashbourne or Belper.


By far the greenest way to get to NGG is by bike. The 8 mile cycle from Belper features a few hills but nothing too extreme for a competent cyclist. The trip takes about an hour, and there are several pubs along the way offering refreshment for weary travellers. Remember to wear visible clothing and carry bike tools in case of emergency.

For the more adventurous cyclists, why not cut out the train and travel all the way by bike? Or if you live further afield you could cut down on train fares by cycling halfway. The feeling of satisfaction knowing that you got here under your own steam is totally worth it! If somebody you know is coming in a vehicle, you could always give them some of your luggage to lighten the load.