What To Bring

Don’t get caught short at Northern Green. Here’s a list of the essentials, and some of the things you won’t be needing.

What to bring

  • A tent, sleeping bag and whatever you need to be comfy
  • Musical instruments – there will be plenty of opportunity to jam and play, including an open mic session.
  • Unwanted clothes to give away or swap at the free shop
  • Cups, plates, bowls and cutlery
  • Torches, lanterns and spare batteries
  • Toilet paper
  • Skills to share
  • Enthusiasm, an open mind and a great attitude.
  • An awareness that this is a green gathering, you are responsible for your rubbish and waste, you need to sort your recycling at the designated places.

What NOT to bring

  • Sound systems – our four amplified stages should be enough to keep you tapping your toes!
  • Generators – all our music and lighting is powered off-grid by sustainable means.
  • More Alcohol than you need for personal use.
  • Dogs
  • Illegal drugs or “legal highs”