• 2016
  • Physical Arts

    Exercise your mind and body at Northern Green Gathering!

    Come take part in Lishi Tai Chi or join Sunny Jim’s for some circus skills.

    There’s Yoga workshop for everyone and energetic poetry to get you feeling invigorated



  • Workshops and Activities
  • Workshops 2016

    Every year Northern Green Gathering hosts a wide variety of exciting workshops, all included in the price of your ticket. Workshops in 2016 included: permaculture, tai chi, capoeira, homebrewing, and eco-crafts such as woodworking and upcycled decorations. If you’d like to offer a workshop at NGG 2017 we’d love to hear from you! Just fill out an Application Form and send it in.

  • Healing and gardens
  • Red Tent

    aermed's garden hands and petals

    Red Tent; Conscious Family Arts and Wisdom Space – workshops and ceremonies

      * Opening Ceremony
      * Menstrual Mandalas
      * Birth Mandalas
      * Linked Wisdom Circles:

        a)Think Tank Session: What is it to be a Woman today?
        b) Think Tank Session: What is it to be a Man today ?
        c) Hearing Circle: Men and Women Speaking their truths (a No Dialogue session)
      * Alternative Education Council
      * Creative Parenting Council
      * Tantric Healing
      * Love Spells and Light Working (ongoing one on one sessions)

    We are passionate dynamic world changers! Our work is a fusion of art, humanity and nature….

    Our story…. The beginning…. One year ago, in the summer of 2013 a bell tent travelled to a few festivals in Lincolnshire , Yorkshire and Wales carrying within it a powerful space…

    …..A place, for women to feel empowered and creative, to be able to speak, paint, sculpt and whisper life experiences .To feel truly heard and understood by other compassionate loving women. We have been visited… by mothers, grandmothers, young girls and teenagers, all with powerful stories to share….

    Every so often a father has come to our space , needing a quiet place to rest with his child, or a man curious of the happenings within our little festival grove of canvas, fire and female voice….thus the need for an equal space of creativity , rest and sharing for men and children is also one we provide…..

    From our roots in the Red Tent Temple Movement we have evolved over the winter to bring forth a new movement in the circles of humanity. We now have space to expand upon the incredible foundations of female empowerment. This year our work grows to explore; the restoration of balance between man and woman, strengthening the family unit, each and every child’s right to a happy playful and loving childhood, humanities increasingly important connection to the wild places so decreasing on our planet- Without all of these things and more our holistic health as human communities and guardians of the planet becomes more vulnerable …

    Who are we?

    We are an eclectic community of passionate and dynamic world changers!…..we all have love, children, stories, music, art, medicine, permaculture, creativity and laughter, life experience and more love!

    How do we do what do we do?

    We run a venue at festivals, We aspire to also visit cities, villages and towns, where men and women can attend creative workshops and guided sharings on all aspects of what it is to be human, man, woman, active childbearer, father, mother, elder; in maiden, in menses, in menopause, medicine, wild living, nutrition, permaculture and more. These workshops, often delivered softly and always sensitively, are extremely powerful – intended to liberate, educate and free us from our personal pains and cultural dictations..we use arts and crafts largely, also incorporating talking circles, theatre, alternative therapies and nature education.

    Red Tent is founded by three women with strong families, all highly skilled in our chosen arts, be it doula, artist, performer, listener, counciller, herbalist, permaculturist, musician,…our common thread is our sisterhood, our femininity, our passion to uplift and heal society, to empower and educate …to liberate!